Colorful sitar in a bluish-black headdress from Brass-India | The perfect shade to be worn by both men and women and…!

That “and” leaves you with honey on your lips, doesn’t it? And to us with a crazy desire to tell you about it. First of all, tell you that not only DW Kolkata takes over the market for sitters, but also Brass-India, another brand specialized in producing sitters upholstered in colors that tend to dark, such as this classic somewhat shiny black.

The color of this sitar can be misunderstood, depending on which side it is seen from. It’s like when we see something that can remind us for better or for worse. We will clear up doubts and, for this, you have to stay here, so you will find out not only what it brings, but also what it means to carry a sitar of this color

Are you ready to have in your hands the sitar that more than one person owns in this world? Read and find out what it brings:

What are the main features of this black upholstered sitar with the Brass-India stamp?

It has two pegs in the shape of a mini-wheel in the resonance box so far not discussed and that you may not have even noticed:

  • Two buttons capable of modifying the sound and pitch of the sitar . Yes, as you read! Thanks to the presence of these two elements you will be able to tune, modify, to your liking, the volume and if you want it to be of a lower or higher tone. If you are fans of one sound or another, you have no excuse. In this sitar you have it all in one
  • Cedar wood on the one hand and Wood on the other. Surely this sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? With this range of sitar you ensure a very long duration in time, in case you are one of those who wants the best in sitar and that it lasts for many years
  • Sitar conjugated in acoustic-electric: We not only have variation in terms of volume and tone, but also in terms of sitar gameplay, it can be said that we have a 4 × 1, like what we have with the entire range of exclusive colors of sitares but that until now we did not want to tell you. How bad are we, huh?
  • A tuning and string support at the height of the most TOP of the market: Thanks to all the elements that it has printed, such as the structure it has and the woods used, it ensures these two details, important in any sitar, satisfactory at 120 % by 100%

Best Offer of 2021 of the sitar in black tone

What will I gain by awarding myself with this sitar compared to the rest of the ranges of the family?

You will be self-proclaiming yourself as the king of kings of the sitar, as that privileged person in society, as the one who has the opportunity to travel to many places that not everyone does, because this color was used in ancient times by the nobility , the standards of society or also to worship, looking for the most humble and not purely materialistic meaning

Those are some of the things you gain by acquiring the Ravi Shankar class black sitar. Do not get carried away for a moment that having the color black will give you bad luck. Before you receive it, we bless it as long as it is not so. In addition, it is not a pure black, it is a somewhat shiny black, mixed with dark blue, so that a man or woman thinking the worst and most when running into us, no way!

It is very possible that you have an added guarantee as a consumer policy that every customer deserves to have. Inform Brass-India to know more about it and it has a more affordable cost than other Sitares of the same family, with the same claims

Why buy the colorful light black sitar in our online store?

At first we thought it was pure black, then after it stopped to enjoy in the hands of other clients, we realized that it was not pure black. Anyway, it is clearly inspired by black and what it represents is what we reveal to you

With this we want to tell you that the market does not stop renewing itself, bringing out new variants of black, brown, or whatever comes to mind. It is what it has to work with Amazon, a store that does not stop updating its catalog of appointments, just as we do on our online site of appointments

Are you of what they believe in divinity and want to protect your loved ones against evil ? Are you one of those people who likes to dress in a formal style ? If the answer is yes, get this sitar in light black. Your purchase solicitation is flying!

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Colorful sitar in a bluish-black headdress from Brass-India
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