Sitar carved in a bluish hue from the DW Kolkata brand | The ideal model to take on a honeymoon!

Another sitar in an exclusive range that comes out of the hat, like that magician who brings out something we did not expect, DW Kolkata. This time a blue tone that makes a clear allusion to one of the most important gods of Hindu culture. This is explained in some section and we suggest that you read, because that way you will know about the sitar that you are taking over.

It has particularities similar to what we find in other sites analyzed from the same brand, but with nuances that you need to know. All of them are detailed only here. Only we are able to offer you a sitar of this tonality and tell you what it represents.

Be different, read our review carefully and enjoy a sitar with a unique pigment in the world!

What are the most important features in this DW Kolkata stamped bluish pigment sitar?

It has two materials in one. What do we mean? Read and find out:

  • Its inlaid in Cedar and Wood. The manufacturer also promises it on the product page. We found one in the front, another in the back. Both will not give a sophistication at the level of the most premium range seats in the sector
  • The finish of the neck and its side: It is one of the distinctions with respect to sitar of the same brand. It has a sealing on the neck in the shape of a leaf with an elongated stem and pegs covered by a black body, which protrudes on the left side of the fingerboard, in addition to that the blue carving is printed as in a glitter effect, very elegant and modern
  • It has magnetic and brass strings. To be played acoustic or electric, nothing to highlight. It is what we see in sitares of the same family. With a simple change of strings, you can switch from one mode to another instantly
  • It has an extra support to reinforce the tension of the strings: something that also other sitar of the same brand and that already, with the type of wood they use in the body, makes a support that will make you feel safe at all times that they do not come out and do not break
  • A style Ravi Shankar: How are everyone in the family. You have characters inspired by this famous artist and in different ranges. You can’t ask for more, besides the fact that the sitters in these shades will not be found in all the places for sale.

Best Offer of the sitar in blue tonality today

What will I adopt with a sitar of this range that I will not be able to adopt with others?

Its exclusivity, which is only carried in remote places, only by some people and at certain times. Not only is it difficult to access, it is also not advisable to use it at any time, as you would be disrespecting Hindu beliefs, and we do not want you to do that.

Wearing a sitar in a blue hue denotes how much we care about a country like India, how much we care about those little details when giving our partner or mother unique moments that not everyone does, such as a gift of flowers. with a small letter dedicating a few words to it

Not only will you win in this, also in quality of materials, in durability for years, in a unique conjunction between black, a classic color of a sitar, and blue, an atypical color, a disparity that engenders a unique sitar in its segment. You have a warranty available and we expressly ask you to speak with the manufacturer

Why buy the blue pigment carved sitar in our online store?

Because of how difficult it is to have access to it, it is at the same time easy, because you have it for sale on our page. We could only achieve this by collaborating with Amazon:

In just a few clicks and the magic that this Internet has, you will be in the desired place, where more than some of our hearts will stop being seconds away from having such a beautiful sitar color in your hands and how much It represents

Let your instincts carry you and be someone different in society by wearing a Ravi Shankar-class sitar with a blue hue!

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DW Kolkata
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Sitar carved in a bluish hue from the DW Kolkata brand
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