Classic brown Sitar from Sala Muzik | It has the most differentiated finishes of the present!

And it does not look like a sitar but it does, because it has details that make a clear reference to the Hindu instrument: the considerable size pegs, the oval resonance box, the thick neck, etc.

We don’t stop keeping promises to our readers. Now is the turn of the worn brown tonality, an old-fashioned inspired finish and that taking it with you will prove to be one of the few people left in this world

At least that is how we reveal it in some section of our site. Do you know what we are talking about? If you don’t know, it’s already taking time to find out! Once you do, you already have an express permission to visit this unique review on the network. Welcome!

What are the main claims of Sala Muzik’s hallmarked brown pigment sitar?

It has three additions that are included in the price. That is one of the things that this instrument gathers and if not read, and discover it for yourself:

  • It is stained by archaic mulberry wood: Or what is the same, a wood that is difficult to access, which is an exclusive wood that will allow us to enjoy unique finishes in its segment and a longer lasting than other sites of medium-high ranges or more medium-low ranges
  • Its peculiar finish in the shape of 8. In infinity, if you are something more curious. To infinity and beyond is where you will arrive with this sitar! How delusional we are. For a moment we become astronauts but hey, who does not say that having a sitar like this transports you to a dimension that not everyone can enjoy. We have one of the best woods, a finish that differs from the rest, we continue…
  • The neck is made of walnut wood: Another of those chips present only in the highest quality instruments, with the difference that SALA gives it to us for a more accessible amount, there is nothing. Thanks to the presence of this element, you will be able to feel calm at all times that your neck does not break at the first changes, in addition to that the strings will be more rigid and tense, allowing you to enjoy the true sound of this model
  • It’s the turn of the three additions! Which are? These: replacement strings, picks for strumming each of the strings, and a standard quality protective sleeve – all included in the price. A classic in Sala Muzik, it is not the first time that we have analyzed their product catalog. Not only will you get a sitar that you won’t find anywhere else, but you also have those add-ons that are hard to resist.

Best Offer of the brown range sitar sold by Sala Muzik

What will I achieve by getting this sitar prototype compared to the competition?

You will have the same thing that other sitters have but with the particularity that it will be different in any part of the instrument that you visualize with respect to the rest. It will be like having that particular car, the typical Ferrari that we see on the street and we stay like that 😮. If you are one of the conventional “in” who does not get carried away by what others wear and you want to stand out, this is the model you need

Very Important: Sala Muzik does not accept the return of this sitar if it is not justified by a defective state of any of its parts or it is damaged. We lose that, yes, but we gain in accessibility. Being a high-end sitar, we will have access to it for a small price of € 600, an amount to be reviewed taking into account everything that the instrument has and the additions it has

Finally tell you that this sitar is manufactured by Shahriyari, which provides fewer sitar than with the hands of the fingers, so its market is not in mass and its models are not so accessible. This one is. Good luck to you! And ours too, why not say it, to provide it to our users

Why buy Sala Muzik’s brown sitar in our online store?

First of all, tell you that you have an added guarantee in the post-purchase of this model. For more information contact the seller or us directly, and we will do this for you. Our cooperation with Amazon serves to give you the best sites on the market, like this one, in a matter of seconds

There is a detail that you do not have to overlook and that we already warned on our main page: the customs tax. It is very important that you know this, because you may have the exact money and then, when suffering this detail, you do not have enough money, with the next one not received from your brown sitar at the door of your house

Sure you don’t want that, that’s why we let you know, so that you can have it in your hands. Transparency above all!

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