Electric Hindu Sitar with a Matte Black Face from the Indo-France Brand | A full-blown 2×1!

After reading the title just above you may have thought that we are joking but nothing is further from reality: with this black Indian sitar model ( See on Amazon ) you will not only have the privilege of enjoying an exclusive color palette in its finishes ; also what looks like a single guitar are actually 2

It seems like a utopia, right? But the online market is in constant renewal, and the demands of customers and, therefore, manufacturers, are increasing.

Do you want to know what we mean? Show us by staying on this page until the end 😉!

What are the main features of this high-end Indian sitar with an Indo-France footprint?

This Indian guitar model is also known as the Sitar Humbucker Black Fusion . Let’s say that this would be like the star name, although the nickname that you want to give it we leave it to your personal taste. Let’s go with the significant:

  • Finishes in a shiny and unpolluted matte: This detail in its appearance, together with the high contrast that we can see in the golden tone, for which the bridge and each of the brown ones are tinted , make this instrument one of the most minimalist in the world. market
  • A sober body, neck and headstock: The brand itself qualifies it as a Rosewood body . In other words, given the value of this type of sitar and the range in which it is located, with the purchase of this Hindu requinto you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy a more resistant and durable guitar in time than the average of its segment
  • Neither very heavy nor very light: Its slightly more than 4kg does not outline a surprised face and thanks to this, with this model you will have more facilities to learn the first notions of mooring from your next favorite travel companion
  • Its size is also in the usual average: It has a length of 77cm, a width of 20cm and a depth of 16cm , nothing that stands out. The width of its neck and fingerboard appear to be of the ravi shankar style but, in reality, it is of the bass or electric surbahar type
  • Spare Tars or Strings Included !: Doesn’t this make it even more desirable? It is clear that what is going to be paid was not surprising, but more than once when we want something crazy we forget that there are manufacturers that offer this attractive and appealing alternative

Come this far dear user, what benefit is that 2 for 1 going to bring you?

We hope that we have left you, even a little bit , with the 🍯 in the 👄 hehe. Getting serious, the first thing you should know is because the amount of this sitar is higher than other similar models:

Its exclusive design , with finishes in a shimmering matte , is one of the first things to point out. This trait is present in any product with a high quality stamp , and with this electric Indian sitar it would not be less

Another peculiarity that this sitar prototype presents is the volume and tone control located in the lower left part of its box . This will allow us to increase or decrease the sound emitted after tempting the tars, in turn we will have the possibility of graduating to a lower or higher tonality

This element is not present in lower-end sitares , which makes us understand why its price is higher compared to other similar models.

And the most surprising? That its two assortments of strings included in its pack, one with brass, copper and steel tars or strings, and another with magnetic steel tars, like the ones we have in electric guitars, will allow you to play this sitar in acoustic and electric , something that stands out from the rest of its segment

Why buy this Hindu sitar prototype of black tonality in our online store?

Thanks to our express work with Amazon , with a simple press of your finger on your mouse or your smartphone screen, you can purchase a unique black sitar on the market from our website

Do not forget the important issue about the rate of imports of products that come from outside the EU . Transparency is one of our hallmarks and we don’t want you to get upset. In our entire catalog of sitters we talk about it

Your demand is flying 💨! Run and get yours before it runs out!

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