Hindu Sitar from Sala Muzik Europe brand | Option Nº 1 to buy if money is a headache for you!

An instrument as exclusive as the Hindu Sitares is not only difficult to find in itself, but also, given its complex access, it is tedious to find it at a bomb price.

One moment! There is a page like this, you know what we mean, and as such we have made sure to find an Indian guitar ( See on Amazon ) that is intended for a certain type of user who does not want to spend too much and wants something simple and minimalist

What do you think if you stay here to find out more about what this sitar model brings us?

What are the main characteristics of this Hindu requinto with Sala Muzik seal?

SALA, a company that emerges every day that passes in the online market and has a wide spectrum of very exclusive instruments at a very accessible cost. But this is not all:

  • A very different design from the rest of its segment: This phrase was the first thing that crossed our minds when we observed this type of sitar. Stained with a particular walnut wood and with a gleaming appearance in a very striking hazelnut color , they make this guitar 1 in 1000
  • Its sound in an electric style: Like the one we get with a classic electric guitar. Of course, with nuances, since we are talking about a guitar like this whose melody differs from the rest. The sound that it emits is not as sharp and refined as other high- end and premium sitters but, without a doubt, equating it with its value, you will be more than satisfied.
  • Its weight is lighter and more compact than the average: Given its minimalism, it was not surprising that its weight was much lower putting it on the same tray with other of its brothers. Their almost 1.5kg make them more comfortable to wear and, therefore, to hold
  • Be careful with its dimensions: What if we told you that you are going to carry an instrument that will reach your hips? We already told you that this sitar does not fool around and this detail is proof of it: Its almost 90 cm long make it one of the longest sitar on the market.
  • Includes a small transport bag: A classic at Sala Muzik Europe. Not only does it give us a unique instrument but it even gives us a standard quality protective case for free . You can’t ask for more for less!

How different can this range of sitar offer us compared to others in the same segment?

For recommending guitars of Hindu origin, we can quote you anyone, but if there is a powerful reason to acquire this sitar, that is its matte hazelnut finish.

We do not say so, our visitors, who are from Amazon , are endorsed by customers and this particular prototype is the one that has the most positive evaluations from this company

Sala Muzik SL has a great reputation in its sector: speed in the delivery of its products, excellent customer service and an enviable guarantee

Did you know that this range of sitar has replacement strings ?

This is explained because its strings are extremely fine . This can be a mishap, since we have to be on constant alert to avoid not feeling our fingers abruptly on the strings, but from here we tell you not to panic:

Thanks to these finishes, a very rich and pleasant sound is achieved

Why buy this Hindu sitar model in our online store?

If you’ve gotten here quickly by scrolling convinced that this is the sitar you want, let us tell you a few things:

From own website or Amazon you can get to by clicking offer this type of Indian guitar both want coveting in the palm of your hand. It will not be necessary for you, we have saved you that work

With our direct and personalized support or that of SALA , you can find out about customs tax . If you do not know what it is, we ourselves can explain what it is. This sitar is imported outside of European territory and, therefore, we must take this detail into account so as not to be surprised.

How beautiful you and your sitar are going to see each other with a hazelnut aroma next to each other!

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