High-end protective cover for sitar from Sala Muzik | The most complete and compact today!

Ideal to preserve which sitar model you can think of, that if the sitar that George Harrison, Ravi Shankar carried, that if it is electric, that if it has a secondary resonance box, the smallest that overflows under the neck It is light but bully at the same time!

Manufactured by materials that only authentic guitar covers have, we can only expect two things: tranquility in the face of unexpected situations where our sitar may fall or get wet from the rain that falls when taking it on the street, and the assurance that our outlay will not you are in danger of stumbling sooner than we would like

Do you want to have these two advantages right now? Then stay here!

What are the main features of Dest’s sealed high-end sitar protective case?

It has a particularity that will allow you to get a 2 × 1. If you keep reading, you will know what we mean:

  • Its fabric is made of polystyrene. It is one of those materials that is not lacking in a real case, one that resists blows, tensions when holding it by hand, humidity and suffering any type of breakage, whatever the reason. If you wanted a wrap that was at the height of the instrument, this model of protective cover for sitar is the one
  • It is waterproof. With this, you can achieve a higher level of security and in those situations where you are walking through the streets of your city and suddenly it starts to rain, tell you that with this detail the water will not pass so easily. Do not trust yourself, it is only waterproof, not a waterproof case
  • It is ideal for any sitar model: Whatever its price range and the type we are talking about. Not with just any cover you will get this detail. There are more prepared to safeguard a Ravi Shankar sitar, others with the more restrained soundboard. This one covers them all in one!
  • It has a small pocket at the top. With this addition you will be able to store the most essential accessories of the sitar, accessories that as soon as you expect it you can require them and what better than to have them stored and protected in a pocket like this, which has a detail, in addition to the entire cover itself , what will you like. Read just below
  • Padded shock absorbers. Thanks to this, your sitar will remain immobile in the case and in situations where it can fall, the impact will make a kind of cushioned, a small jump, which will free you from suffering a hard and dry blow on your sitar, exempting you from evils greater

TOP Offer of the protective casing for all sitar models

What will I have with this sitar protective wrap model compared to the rest of its segment?

Its padding system, its compactness, its resistance and its excellent finish contextualizing it with the price. Those are some of the things you will get if you get this protective sitar sheath. Shall we keep telling you? Voucher:

With this cover you will be able to carry it as a briefcase or as a bag, so it is suitable to be carried both for men and women. If you are a woman and you already have your purple sitar, wearing it bag style will radiate your femininity even more. If you are a man, carrying it as a briefcase will make you look like any director of an office office or reputed company, demonstrating your masculinity at large

We care about the sitar and what is foreign to it, details that not everyone takes into account until they look closely or a group of people like us appears commenting on it. Important: with this product you have no possibility of return. Do not worry, this model meets all the minimum requirements to seal it as 100% of recommending

Why buy the protective cover suitable for all sitar ranges on our online site?

We owe it to Sala Muzik SL, the company where this cover comes from, it is not for less: this store, if it stands out for one thing, is for offering the customer not only seats with a great value for money but also very protective covers. compact and rigid despite its not so high price

And you owe it to us! We want you to give off style in any detail, no matter how minimal, we are in the time for it. That is why we invite you to purchase the most recommended high-end protective wrap today in immediate stock and in just a few clicks. Check out the offer below!

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