Purple electric indian sitar by Ravi Shankar from DW Kolkata | The only cedar wood carving!

Are you a woman and want a sitar made from an exclusive material Congratulations! You have reached the right page for it. From sitarinstrument.online we can only tell you that it is now when you are going to show how feminine you are because yes, this color printed on the sitar flashes this type of detail that we will tell you

As we did not want to leave our fans with only text about what the blue colored sitar represents, we provided this unique review from the internet. Do you know what we are talking about? If you don’t know, let us tell you that before taking action here, go to the main page of our site and read that section

Just tell you one thing, clear and direct: Discover what are the main characteristics of this purple sitar by Ravi Shankar!

What are the main features of the DW Kolkata brand purple sitar?

One of its characteristics will convince you and if not read:

  • Carved from cedar wood: No other sitar owns it. Only her. For women to enjoy, then they will say that they are the most disadvantaged! We are here to give the best to our unconditional fans of the sitar, male or female, and this model is it. With this, you will ensure years of keeping the instrument intact and a unique enjoyment, accompanied by a color that no one else will have.
  • Two game modes. Or what is the same, you can play it in two ways: in an acoustic and electrical sense. You only need to change the strings to change the mode. This will allow you to enjoy a unique mixture in the product. If you are one of those who are more suited to one way or the other, from now on this will not be an excuse not to buy it.
  • A material that allows a super solid and secure rope fixation. Another of those things for which we chose this sitar, in addition to the color that is printed. The tenacity of the material allows the ropes to remain firm, do not have the insecurity that they will break and allows you to reach the sound level that every sitarista desires.
  • It is Ravi Shankar style. If you were looking for a sitar like the one used by one of the greatest players of the instrument, this is one of those sitar that meets those characteristics. It has 7 main strings, the nice ones, which will allow you to enjoy not only playing it, but also creating resonances and tonal variations in the melody.
  • It has a small equalizer on one of the sides of the soundboard. With this, you can raise or lower the tone of the melody, in case you are one of those who go for a higher or lower sound and achieve that melodic nuance that you could not do with a classic sitar. Remember that this sitar, being of the electric range, only in the catalog of sitar of that segment we find this type of detail.

Best Offer of Ravi Shankar’s purple sitar of 2021

What kind of things will I gain by acquiring this model of purple electric sitar compared to the rest of the sitar that are sold in the market?

The first one is what you will represent to anyone who sees you playing with a sitar of that color. If you were to wear it in any other classic shade, such as black, you would not be representing what you are: a woman with all her letters. With this model if you can and if you are one of those people who wants to show at every moment how feminine it is, this sitar is the No. 1 option to achieve it.

It is medium-high range, the durability is higher than the average in its segment and each of the pieces it has is very tenacious, starting from the bridge to the frets and whatever element you can think of. The valuations it has are non-existent because few have managed to come across this sitar. (That there are no ratings does not mean that nobody buys it)

Only a few know of the existence of a sitar in this color or the meaning it has. Only YOU know. As we are not sure, check with the manufacturer to see if you have a guarantee in the post-purchase or we can do it for you. As you like

Why buy the purple range Ravi Shankar sitar in our online store?

It is not directly here where you will go through the entire process to buy it and have it in your hands, no. It is that we, in case you did not know, collaborate with the giant Amazon, in all the departments that you can think of: Spanish, American, Mexican, etc.

What does this mean? That you will have instant access to the product purchase page so that you can purchase your Ravi Shankar sitar in purple pigment right now. We don’t want you to miss out on your model, so you can already be buying it at the best price or “you won’t give a damn” about your pride!

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