String set for your Hindu sitar ↬ TOP 5 sales in 2021!

On more than one occasion you will have put your hands to your head when you notice that the strings of your Indian sitar do not vibrate as you would like, they are not perfectly molded to the Tar Jawari and even not included in the product packaging

We know the enormous frustration that this can entail ( See on Amazon ), after making such an important financial outlay, what we least expect is that we lack those “little things” that cost nothing to include and more if their cost is low

Do you want to find out more about what is included in the pack of this product, no? Swipe down☟ and find out everything in detail!

What are the main specifications of this string collection?

Originally from the Karuna brand , we are going to find a finished relationship in line with its enviable market value. Some of the ones that stand out are:

  • 7 main Tar strings: All of them come separately wrapped in small plastic bags
  • 11 Taraf Tar strings: Of course we could not ignore the sympathetic strings , used much less than the Tar but just as important. These cherries are also included in a plastic bag. These cords, together with those that we have previously mentioned, have a total length of about 133 cm
  • Includes a stylish bag in the package: How cool is it? You will be able to close it in the purest style of a string backpack giving an extra touch to your complete set of sitar, putting your Indian guitar and its corresponding transport bag fully inside
  • Weighing about 30g in total
  • IMPORTANT! : This set of ropes does not come pre-installed and you will need the help of a third person to anchor them perfectly to your sitar and avoid problems

Best Offer of set of spare strings for sitar of the brand Karina

Which particular sitar model is this string repertoire suited for?

It is suitable to be used in Ravi Shankar class seats , the most manufactured and demanded in the online market. The personal stamp that this series of ropes bears comes directly from Hindu lands , with which we are in front of a unique and exclusive product

This range of sitters we consider essential that all users have this complement , as it is an instrument not as mass-produced as other more popular instruments, many of these items can be found without stock for a while. That is why it is vital that you acquire them the earlier the better.

Why buy this assortment of Ravi Shankar style twine on our website?

The product that you see for sale on our online site comes directly from Amazon , a company with which we permanently maintain a close relationship

You no longer have to struggle to go from one place to another to find these types of ropes. In this article you have the best offer today to receive in a plis-plas that additive you need

Any questions you have about this acquisition, you have personalized attention from us and Amazon

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